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Weaving Fate as The Wheel Turns


If you are a modern day pagan, you have probably heard of the term “The Wheel of The Year”. The wheel which is the thread of the seasons changing. Of life changing. Of the cycles of life and death. Light and dark. Sun and Moon.

It is during this time of the year, as we near the Winter Solstice that many feel the stirring of change. We venture deep into darkness, knowing light will come soon. The tides of time and experience will shift. Another year coming to a close. We find ourselves, pagan or not, reflecting on the natures of our existence. Did we love as we could have? Did we accomplish what we wanted? Did we have a year that was the downturn of the wheel’s spinning, and did we come out of it alive? How can we prepare better for the next turn?

I don’t personally ascribe to the Wheel of the Year as far as holiday celebration goes, but it would be folly to say that there are not observable cycles within life. During the cold months indoors with our loved ones, reflecting on being another year closer to our deaths, how little time we really have, how fast things truly do move; we consider fondly, the cycles that move within our own lives. We consider cycles which we must shed, and cycles we must birth. All the while, time turns on.

A lot of people think of The Wheel in tarot as a symbol for luck or fate. The image of Lady Fortuna, spinning her wheel in the sky becomes present in our mind’s eye. Here, at the receiving end of her wheel,  you are a victim to wherever the wheel lands. For me, the idea of predestination doesn’t ring true. I put more worth in the self-creation of our expected realities.

Llewellyn Tarot published by Llewelyn Publishing – X

I prefer the imagery from both the Llewelyn, and the Norse tarot. The wheel in these, is more like a spinning wheel. One where we spindle threads, cut them, build them into the wheel we would like to see. The Wheel, here, in these cards, both based on slightly different mythological concepts but very similar in idea, speak to the building and destructive force which lies within the heart of your very own chest, reader.

The Wheel of Fortune from the Norse Tarot by Clive Barrett

Winter, being a time for family at the hearth, sharing warmth, memories, joy and stories; brings us closer to the reflection needed to adjust our lives for the next year. Adjust our thinking, our patterns, our goals and our dreams. Weave the web of our desires into the great Wheel that we, as our own, independent ladies (or men) of luck, spin. When the card presents itself in a reading, it is a time of change, to be certain, but it speaks to me of a time in which we are most aptly needed in weaving the outcome of such a change.

You, my friend, weave your own fate. How will your next year in the Wheel look?

10 thoughts on “Weaving Fate as The Wheel Turns”

  1. Ooo, the thought of weaving (or stitching) our own tapestry, of our own lives really tickles my pickle! Like you, I don’t really ascribe to the wheel of the year per se – it’s more about signs to me – the first sign of spring (snowdrops for me), the may blossom, or the roses blooming in summer, the leaves turning or the berries appearing on the holly. That’s my wheel.
    I really enjoyed your article – particularly as I should be receiving my Llewellyn Tarot in the next day or two – lovely preview! Oh, and have I gone mad, or is it snowing in here?!?!
    Thank you for this, many feels of enjoy x


  2. “…speak to the building and destructive force which lies within the heart of your very own chest, reader.” Love this line and how the Wheel is more about manifesting and unmanifesting our lives. The Norns on that Norse tarot are such a powerful image to use for the Wheel and interpreting the meaning. Thank you! ❤


  3. I really enjoyed/appreciated the concept of the wheel as a spinning wheel, creating our fate, and the thought provoking question at the end, “How will your next year of the Wheel look?” ….I will have to think about that and take some steps so that the turn or the Wheel is a positive one! Thank you for a wonderful read!!


  4. Like you, I do not adhere to the concept of pre-determined fate. The weaving of our own fortune is what I enjoy so much in the Wheel card of the Wildwood Tarot.

    Having recently spent three years in a region which experiences endless summer, I am delighted to be back in a place that cycles thru 4 distinct seasons – these seasons aid so much rhythm to my life, which is made richer by the notable differences along the Wheel of the Year. It is something I also find inextractabkd from the concept of The Wheel card – thank you so much for putting these thoughts and feelings into such a clear and concise message .


    1. I am happy to hear you are back in a place of rhythm. It’s one of the reasons I love living where it snows- the cycle of the seasons means so much to me on some innate level, so I understand. Thank you for your thoughts 🙂


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