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Zero, The Universe, and The Love of Expansion

(Hidden Realms Tarot and The Lumina Tarot)

The Fool dances. This I know to be true. The fool in me, is the same as the fool in you.

The Fool marvels. The Fool sees the beauty in the slant of the light, the wonder in loss, the joy in expanding beyond the boundaries the world, and sometimes we, set on ourselves.

I was amazed, when I learned of the wonder of the number “0” in the tarot. It wasn’t a void necessarily, it was a complete cycle of ALL. I imagined, the universe in it’s entirety, sitting between the bounds of the typed zero I saw printed on my first deck of cards. All of it, there, in a tiny boundary of the microcosm I held in my hands.

Then, my mind expands beyond; seeing me, sitting somewhere within that zero, a boundless entity whose endings I will never know. That you will never know. And I imagine, for but a minute, my soul expanding so wide, and so far, as to know the boundlessness of the universe, of the ALL, of the nothingness which exists in the everything.

This expansion, is the warmth of the soul that the Fool feels and experiences and loves before setting off on their journey. Before taking a leap. The need to know, to learn, to grow, to explore, to love- deeply, the small intricacies of the world, and of themselves.

At the beginning of each year, I feel a rejuvenated sense of possibility. The year prior comes to an end, a new cycle begins. One in which all of the things I have imagined I want to feed, and grow, and be curious about beckon me forward. I personally do not begrudge new year’s resolutions for this reason, there is a renewed freshness in facing a new cycle: it is time to expand, and expand you will, if you choose to leap like the Fool.

I know a lot of readers read this card as naivety, riskiness, leaping before looking, etc., and while I can foresee the time when this may be true, almost always, I firmly believe that people aren’t risking ENOUGH.

What would it feel like, if you could dance down the pathway of life, and pause to smell the flowers, to giggle at the audacity of butterflies, to close your eyes and pulse with the very heartbeat of the universe? What passions of yours would you pursue if the boundaries didn’t matter, if society’s standards didn’t matter? How harshly would you judge the leap toward fulfillment, if it wasn’t a leap at all, but merely an act of expanding into the person you were and are meant to be? Society puts us in boxes, and the fool teaches us to step out of them. Not just to step, but to grand jeté out of the chains we are told translate to “happiness”; to appreciate the beauty in every atom, to every constellation, to every fiber of your own core. The Fool pulls us by our hands, down the path into our own beings and pulls us forward into the world declaring: “This is me, in every ounce of the glory the universe has built in me, and I will dance to my own drum to become the fullest version of myself possible.”

The Fool giggles, and leans into your ear: “Inhale the beauty, internalize the growth, exhale joy- in it’s purity.  This is living.”  Then flap-step-hops into a dazzling display of châines down the path you’ve always dreamed to explore.

Tell me, do you follow…?


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