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Using Books With Tarot- A Personal Journal

I’ve been using tarot with Women Who Run With The Wolves to delve deeper into my thoughts. Today, I finished reading The Conscious Bride, and the obvious thing to do, was turn every good point that I dog-eared or underlined (yes, I am that kind of reader), into a question for the tarot.

It has been an intimate journey today, and I come out feeling completely, and utterly, refreshed.

I’ve discovered that using books as tarot spread tools is my new favorite activity.  I’d like to try it with fiction books next, as I’ve only done so with non-fiction, and admittedly with books that lend themselves quite easily into self-reflection.

The overlying theme of late for me are stories and archetypes and the roles they play in our human psychology and functioning, and I think, while reading a novel, that the tarot is a natural companion to bring a deeper understanding of those archetypes and how they affect us on a personal level and in our everyday life.

The challenge is in finding the right question to ask, to make this a tool that will be useful both in every day life,  and to our own understanding of how stories play a role in our self talk, our perception, our ideals, our aspirations. When we find the question, this will help us more deeply understand the true diversity of tarot use.

What book are you reading today?

I would challenge you to find a question, based on your reading, to ask yourself.

“Why does this character make me feel this way, and what does that say about my own thinking? This symbol in the book struck me this way, why does it, and what can I better understand about myself from that? If I were that character, how would I process the same situation?”

Now, go read, tarot, and enjoy!

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