The Moon Deck Review

I am not typically an oracle deck user. I ran across a group of individuals talking about The Moon Deck in a facebook group and while it wouldn’t be my typical aesthetic, I fell in love with the gentle nature of the deck and had to pick it up.

I bought the deck with it’s accompanying wooden box. Its top matches the backs of the cards, and being that the cards are made of vegan paper and ink, and will wear with time, I would recommend the box. It is sturdy, fits the deck and the book, and looks gorgeous on the altar.


Things I love:

  • I adore the ethereal, dreamy, wild-woman artwork. Seriously. I didn’t realize how much I needed this feminine encouraging touch in my life. Every card speaks to me on a deep level through the artwork alone. It is as if the wild woman from Estes work, came to life in these cards.


  • Although I was nervous I wouldn’t like it, I truly enjoy the affirmations. They are subtle, but they touch on both the dark and light aspects of existing as a woman. They connect to craft and ritual in our everyday lives, and on taking honest care of ourselves spiritually, emotionally, and physically.


  • I love the beautiful naked female body in these cards. I touched on it in my review on youtube here, but I love that it has taken someone like me, who has largely been unsure of how to grow into my femininity, and has challenged me to love myself as a feminine being. I mentioned that the deck may not appear mindful for LGBTQ community, but I honestly hope this is not the case. There is space for sacred femininity in this deck, if you identify with your femininity, and I hope that that is portrayed and resonates with all women.


  • There is diversity in age and race included, although not extensively, I am still glad it is included.
  • The cardstock definitely feels of a different material than most, but the deck is sturdy.


Things I don’t love:

  • The cards stick to a typical woman figure. I don’t mind this for myself personally, because I don’t take it personally that the women’s bodies are closer to what would be defined as “beautiful” by larger culture, and not like mine at all. Women do come in these shapes, and they are beautiful for it. I can appreciate and love that we are shaped differently, and it doesn’t take away from the cards for me, although I can see how it might for some.
  • The rituals in the book are wonderful ideas for moving the deck into everyday work, but I honestly don’t use it. The cards speak loud and clear through their imagery and affirmations.


  • I wish the box had a ribbon to help get the cards out, but this can be added by me on my own.

Overall, I highly recommend this deck for anyone who is looking for more sacred femininity in their lives, and enjoys affirmations to add to their card-work and lifestyle.


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