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The Weekly Tarot Prompt: Response for Week 2

I am behind on the Weekly Tarot Prompts, as I am in the midst of catching up on work certifications and continuing education. The last prompt video I posted is here: Weekly Tarot Prompt #2.

For this prompt, I asked that we discuss how our family in childhood affected our creativity. For mine, I am going to do something I haven’t done in a very long time: write a poem. Poetry was something I used to write all the time, along with short, fantastical prose. It was the most beautifully mysterious way to describe the world in my mind. It was a very meaningful and conscious act of ritual for me, an intuitive growing, and expanding process.

Now, amateur hour is here, but the point of the Weekly Tarot Prompt, for me, is not to judge the art or creations that come from our heart- but to love them, for coming from us, and to keep practicing. So, here is my response to week 2, and while it isn’t full of talent; it is raw, and it is a portrait of my inner childhood thoughts around my writing, and my creations.


The hiss of a dying light

Illuminates the room

Beauty in words, here I bloom.


On the couch down the hall a mother sighs

as usual, she is there,

Drunk, staggering, breathing lies.


I think my words are meaningful, won’t you see? Just a look?

but the pages go unseen

no, they’ve never cared for this book.


Darkness instead grows, swelling inside

Blood welling onto paper,

these are the scars I hide.


An aching child asked to grow too soon

hides away in a forest,

in her book, in a room.


If you participate in the Weekly Tarot Prompts, I would love to see your creations too! Please come back and share.


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