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Jessi’s Mayjor Challenge: Day 2&3

Day 2 and 3 of Jessi Huntenburg’s Mayjor Challenge focus on the Magician and The High Priestess.

The prompts below: 18194191_381588188908149_4636057498591454015_n

For my Magician, yesterday, I knew I had one intention for my creation: to create the space I wanted to enjoy and the “life I want to live”. Granted, creating the life you want to live is a very long process, but I made it my set intention to create an attitude of appreciation and wonder in all experiences the last two days.

I found the desk I wanted, but didn’t finish my “creation” until today, but oh my, has it taken my breath away. I have been, for a couple years now, making a multitude of altar changes throughout the year. I had a vision of the altar I desired, but wasn’t quite there yet, and today the pieces came together for me to create the vision I had always imagined. An altar which truly represents me, my interests, my understanding of deity, and my practice. This was my something “new”; a space which sings for me and gets me in the groove.


I feel very strongly that the High Priestess prompt plays a role in the fruition of this “something new” for me. The act of putting it all together,  was a grand act of devotion for me, and devotion- to a cause, a goal, a person, a deity is a mystery. One that I have shied a way from a lot in my life over the last five years. Because, devotion is scary. It requires sacrifice.

The theme of devotion continued, as I shared coffee alone for the first time with my future-mother-in-law. This woman I’m slowly starting to get to know, who is so honest, like me, that I can do nothing but respect her. She spoke to devotion openly and honestly with me today, in a way that made me feel very loved and cared for- because it was the brutal, honest truth. The mystery of marriage and the role devotion plays in that, and what that reality looks like.  Devotion to myself of late, in changing my health habits. Devotion to my craft renewed in all of the studying and PRACTICE I have been legitimately doing. Devotion to my son in taking the time to hear him for who he is. Devotion to my love in supporting him in the way he deals with his stress, rather than expecting him to do it my way. Devotion to learning and approaching a goddess through rising to my own personal challenges.

Devotion to being a better version of myself. Devotion to being devoted.

Tonight I divined with candle wax, I’ve never tried it before- but tonight the messages came alive for me, and that too became an act of devotion, as messages flowed in and out of my consciousness with ease.

Overall, I lack the words to describe what I’ve learned through sitting with mysteries today, but it was a profound experience.

Now…onto The Empress.


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