Why I am Tired of Tarot Groups

Whoa! Let’s just start this out with a bold statement, why don’t we?

But, on a serious note, I am just tired of tarot groups at large.

I joined tarot groups like a fanatic when I came back to studying tarot two years ago. I had this rosy idea of learning from other people who were as passionate as I am about this awesome deck of cards that allows me to take a look at my life, and utilize it as a compass for my self-exploration and subsequent choices.

The tarot groups I enjoy are the groups where there is friendly camaraderie in coming together to enjoy the successes of each other in giving a reading a try, in expressing what you see, how it makes you feel, what you think this deck means. With time, these groups seem to become less and less, and honestly, there’s only a group or two I enjoy to participate in anymore. These tend to be smaller groups of people in the tarot world I have grown to respect.

I attempted to start my own tarot group, which I’ve had little success with. So, I claim no knowledge over what makes a good tarot group work and continue.

I can tell you though, what is exhausting, and disheartening to see:

-People who are new to tarot, being treated like they are blasphemous in their actions, dumb, unworthy, etc.

-The snide and snarky responses by admins chiding people for not thinking like them prior to making a post.

-Endless dogma, and subsequent disrespect. Guess what is so cool about being a human? I get to decide what I believe for myself, and I respect you in whatever you decide, and I expect that same respect in return.

-Snide and snarky responses from more seasoned tarot readers. Why even be in a group if you have nothing to learn and nothing respectful to say to other people?

-Hot-headed arguments over ideology surrounding tarot. Mind you- I say arguing. I am one for a good, solid, respectful debate, but often these topics end up being shut down, because people can’t be kind to other people who see the world differently than them.

-Ads upon ads upon ads for people’s blog posts, new book, etc. I love a good tarot hop, and I love reading the topics- but every new moon, full moon, or whatever is the current hot topic- there are the same loads of similarly themed blog posts clogging up a feed (or multiple). I understand the need for self-promotion from tarot entrepreneurs, don’t get me wrong. I think a lot of business is about personal relationships though, and if you are constantly preaching at me, rather than talking to me as another human on the same level as you; it’s hard for me to have any respect for you.

-Blasting people’s names as a way of tarnishing people’s reputations. Seriously. This one doesn’t even need to be explained.

I guess I am feeling disheartened. I love talking tarot to people who love it, but people quickly become mean, commanding, and holier-than-thou.

I am sure that the tarot community has always had its share of drama. But, for something that should be allowing us grow to be better people, it certainly brings out the worst in a lot of people.

6 thoughts on “Why I am Tired of Tarot Groups”

    1. I get it, I really do. I think groups need more people who don’t succumb to that fear, and just be themselves unashamedly to make the groups better. But, I get it. I’m tired of it. Participate in my group! Let;s make it a safe and fun space!


  1. was really gung-ho, when first learning, but I have found a couple of friendly groups, now that I’m more “seasoned(?)” I just like to post and if people like it, great, comments are usually kind and constructive. Not a business for me, just my inner work, very few reads for others, free.


    1. I won’t Sandra. The tarot groups won’t make or break my love for tarot. It just has been shocking and I think a lot of people go to the groups looking for approval. I don’t need approval there any longer.


  2. Oh I so relate to all of this! This is actually why I’ve been scarce in all the tarot groups I’m in… I have a small handful of fellow tarot buddies that are wonderful helping me grow (and hopefully I help them too!).


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