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The Waters of Life & The Decay of Death: A Tarot Spread

The concept of the life and death, as always, are on my mind quite a bit of late. The two concepts which seem to be polar opposites, in my practice, I am discovering are truly one flowing state of existence. Two sides to one coin, as I said in my most recent blog post.

My career and it’s changes directly exemplify the extreme; how the two concepts manifest in my everyday existence, with literal death and birth.

I am a person who appreciates change, but, like anyone, I have my moments when change feels overwhelming. I am moving from predominant death, into predominant life, and while I am excited, I have had a lot of mixed feelings about it come up in the last day or two.

To explore my own feelings, and the flowing in-between of the two states within my life, I created this spread called The Waters of Life & The Decay of Death. The Waters of Life, of course, referring to the literal water of the womb. But, all water is life-giving, and water is the element that I most closely associate with the concept of life. (What a huge concept, it’s really too simple to say that it can relate to one element only, obviously.)

The Decay of Death, refers to the literal breakdown that occurs in death. I associate death, and decay, with the element of earth. What comes from the decay, is subsequently nutrient-dense soil ready for the potential of growth. Earth and Water, death and life. The two are inextricable for me, and I find comfort in this.

I hope you give the spread a try to more deeply understand your own relationship to these two concepts, and if you give it a try, I’d love to see how it worked for you!


(As a side note, I know very little about my own astrology, but I have always found it fascinating that the Capricorn is a sea-goat, because truly, earth and water both pull at me deeply.) My own spread using the Shadowscapes tarot. I did also look at the base card (I call it a shadow card), as well as an oracle affirmation card from the Moon deck.


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