Personal Journal, Tarot

Sacred Inner Space Spread

When I was in high school, my best friend always talked to me about her need for space. I had a hard time understanding her in those moments, because ultimately my feelings were hurt.

As I’ve grown, extradited myself from a borderline home, and abusive relationships; I’ve realized how sacred “space” is.

Space has become my lifeblood. It is the place that I rejuvenate, heal my wounds, talk to my understanding of the divine, ground myself into a capable human. I have turned into one of those pesky “extroverted introverts”, and I joke with my fiancé that I require about 75% of my time alone. HA. As if you get that as a full-time working mom.

For me, it causes rifts in my friendships. People have a hard time understanding, that no, I can’t do anything this week, because I haven’t met my own “time in sacred space” quota and I might lose my mind if I don’t.

My time in sacred space, as someone who has dealt with extensive mental health issues, is a way of reviving me. How else am I to give to anyone, if I am barely surviving?

The other day, under the burden of many words about my “never hanging out” I made this spread. (By the way, I make myself socialize outside of work at least once a week, and for me, that’s a push.)

It’s a spread for those moms, dads, entrepreneurs, mental health advocates, introverts like me; who honestly, truly, need the time alone for survival. It is a spread to assess whether you are hiding from the world, or whether you truly need the time for sacred inner attention. A spread to determine how you can best set the boundary with people you love, regarding your need for inner sacred space.  If you give it a go, let me know how you like it.


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