About Me

I change my hair a lot, so this is me as I stand currently.


Welcome to my website! I am pleased that you are here. My name is Jessica, and I run under the pseudonym of Jessica Fox, (for now, anyway). I am a mother, a nurse, a cat-lady, a closet writer, and a wife.

I have a youtube channel that you can skip over to, if you aren’t one for blogs: Voyage To The Hearth Youtube Channel

I grew up in a non-religious home, with great curiosity for the witch friend of my mother, and for the traditions of our family. I had a childhood full of adversity, and became a young mother at 18 years of age, which has largely shaped who I am as a person, and the type of shit I’m willing to take. (Oh, and I curse, a lot too).

A few years ago, I “came back” to my pagan path, that I had started on as a teenager, and have since dabbled in a variety of ideas; trying them on for size and comfort. In a circling way, I have always come back to reconstructionist heathenry, but have not wanted to claim it aloud until I was “well-read enough”. I’m discovering that I won’t be well-read “enough” until I die, if then. So, with my husband, and my son, we are learning to shape our worldview and committing to the change that comes from it. This blog is a place for me to share our journey as isolated reconstructionists, and in the building of our hearthcult; and hopefully, someday into a tribe outside of our rooftree.

I am a nurse, but am looking to go back to school for a long standing dream of mine after my husband finishes nursing school himself.

My Family
My family

Heathenry, and the pursuance of this path have been tucked in my back pocket for about a year now, and I was failing to commit to the idea due to many voices from deep conditioning that I was choosing to uphold, so don’t be surprised if some of my older blogs don’t make sense to you in the context of our current trajectory. I have chosen to leave them up in that I think it’s important for people to remember that we grow and change as we learn, and there isn’t shame in changing the direction you are moving, so long as you have good reasoning for it.


I am also an unabashed card-slinger, and I have come up against the contradiction of where tarot fits into a reconstructionist path. I haven’t tackled that one yet, but for now, I know that it is a modern tool that allows me to manage my emotions, and sort through my thoughts, so it’s sticking with me. I do read for others, although my shop is not up at the moment as I am busy trying to finish my next degree in nursing, if you’re interested, however, check out my deck explorations, linked above, which I am slowly adding to.