Journeying Through Dark Days: The Fool


The Fool.

Cosmic mother, holding cosmic child, the cycle turns, my heart beats wild. There is something moving about being called forth from the universe, to grow, to learn.

The start of the journey begins when we are small, in stature, in maturity, in our current space as beings.

We are gowned in the night sky, a member of the great cosmic soup, but unknowing of the journey that stands before us.

The figurative child space, that you can sit in at any point in your life, is undeniably a place of relative naivety- we don’t ever really know what we’re getting ourselves into prior to starting our journeys. We have a sparkle in our eye, an excitement, an unfathomable joy at the prospect of discovering the immense beauty of the world around us.

I love this fool card for a multitude of reasons. The first is that it represents, to me, both sides of each journey we take. The starry-eyed child, is us before a prospect; ready to take the leap into something new and unknown. The mother is us in our space of reflection, after the journey. She is quiet in pose, but she still smiles, she has learned a lot on her journey, and not all has been easy; but it has shaped her, and she knows that we all must embark at some point. The mother here also reminds us, that, just like an infant, we cannot always go wandering into the unknown, for we risk harm to ourselves. She is our protector, the voice within us, that tells us intuitively when it is time to pause and wait to jump.

The moon cycles above their heads show me the ever evolving big-C CYCLE, as in the ever cycling form of the universe.

We are both the fool at the beginning and at the end, in every choice we make, in every goal we achieve, or reach for, and in every day. We grow, we swell, we become smaller, and we start again. Life, is an endless cycle of cosmic fool, and cosmic mother moments.

This is a profound thing to embrace.

For reference, I would like to add a piece from the accompanying guidebook that I greatly enjoyed: “A creature of universal love and non-limitation…”

We are all that creature at our core. Come home to this energy.

*I am working through every card without the use of the companion book, for my own knowledge and learning. These are my own thoughts on the cards, for any questions, always refer back to the creators own material. I will add to these as I move forward.


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