Journeying Through Dark Days: The High Priestess



High Priestess sits in a field of her blooming self, listening to the whispers of her ancestors. She holds the bloom of the moon in her hand, she is connected, she is intuitive, she is at one with her own moons.

The voices of our ancestors, particularly those of the women who came before us; trickle down through time, to remind us of the beauty that grows within us, and to follow our own inner intuitive voice.

She sits cross-legged in front of us, full in her wisdom; and I feel invited to sit with her. To reach within myself, hear my predecessors, to feel the moon, and the universe, and to find them informing me of my next move.

I believe that self-exploration is our greatest spiritual work as humans, and this particular High Priestess meets me as a friend, and reminds me, that all of the mystery is within me. I am the microcosm and the macrocosm.

The knowledge I seek, comes from within me.

*I am working through every card without the use of the companion book, for my own knowledge and learning. These are my own thoughts on the cards, for any questions, always refer back to the creators own material. I will add to these as I move forward.


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