Journeying Through Dark Days: The Magician

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By candle light and flame, manifestation is made. In the Magician card from the Dark Days Tarot, the first thing that jumps out at me, is the dancing feminine spirit billowing out, swinging her hips into creation.

The Magician here appears to be blooming a rose into existence via divine inspiration and force of will. Utilizing the tools of moon, wand, crystals and grimoire; she harnesses the power of her inner flame, and of the universe, and makes her will apparent.

I, personally, cannot un-see the shape of a womb, seen in anatomical correctness, as if viewing the body from a lateral position, within the flame of the magician. On a personal level, this speaks to me of birthing our wills. Birthing what it is we desire.

The accompanying book focuses on creative concentration in this Magician card, and while I agree, I believe the book falls woefully short for the power of this particular magician card.

All Magician cards focus on the tools, and the move of inspiration from deity, universe etc into tangible existence, and this card has all of that and more.

This Magician holds the magic of the in-between, of the liminal space from which she performs her magic. She not only births the rose of inspiration, she births herself. In all magic, in all actions, in all choices, in all goals made and met; we are changed. We become a more refined version of ourselves. A more potent version of ourselves. A more capable version of ourselves. Then we dance in the spiraling movement of existence, joyful, confident, that we can bring forth what we need in life; and weather all that tries to force us down.

*I am working through every card without the use of the companion book, for my own knowledge and learning. These are my own thoughts on the cards, for any questions, always refer back to the creators own material. I will add to these as I move forward.


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