Ostara Tarot Exploration: The Devil

IMG_9395 The Devil card. The ominous Devil card. At large, I do not mind this card in decks, as I find it often speaks to the consequences that must be paid when we put ourselves into bad situations, or maintain bad thinking patterns, habits etc.

The Ostara Tarot is eerie. This image alone, bothers me more than any other Devil card. The ethereal winged and horned being has clothing on, but no physical body; speaking to me of it all being in our heads, or rather- in our mindset and perception.

This Devil character, has all different manner of creatures locked away in different vessels. From each vessel, the light of the individual creatures shine through, illuminating what seems to be an otherwise dark room. In this, there is an element of allowing our light to be misused, unfocused, or utilizing our own light in harmful pathways, rather than constructive pathways.

When I drew this card, it caught my breath because I had asked about my abusive family, and what I first saw is definitely abuse. Being caged by the whims of another being, and the vessels/cages are physical boundaries that are not easy to get out of, and this bothered me. In the Devil, I like to see a mode of escape. I think the need for this in a Devil card stems from my own history of abuse; I don’t like the idea of being stuck.

Ultimately, with this fantasy like creature, being larger than the people in their lantern, who are allowing their energy to seep out of them into the drafty room around them; I see that, yes, they are stuck, but it is all based on what they allow from their mindset. This being- would it dissolve into nothingness if their mind gave them the power to remove themselves from their situation. Would the clothes crumble to dust, with nothing to hold it together? Are you allowing your mind to hold you hostage? I think the question here, is as usual: what thought processes are you allowing yourself to get stuck in, that allows you to remain in habits/situations/places that don’t serve you?

*I am working through every card without the use of the companion book, for my own knowledge and learning. These are my own thoughts on the cards, for any questions, always refer back to the creators own material. I will add to these as I move forward.

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