Ostara Tarot: Queen of Wands


IMG_9392The Queen of Wands.  I have to be honest, I don’t really care for this card. It is a tad bit too cartoon-like for me.

However, there are some elements that I really appreciate. Thinking about the traditional Queen of Wands, she has sunflowers on her dress, and a cat at her feet. This Queen of Wands strikes me as a young child playing dress up- her cat has become a lion, who parades her through her domain; the sunflowers still remain.

I don’t understand why the lion has light bulb eyes like he does; perhaps he illuminates her path for her, as she triumphantly and confidently holds up her wand. Her wand, is blooming, and almost appears to have painted the landscape around her.

Imaginative child or not, the evidence of creative rulership is here. This girl commands respect by charming attitude alone, and if doubted- she can stick her lion on you too.

This Queen of Wands speaks to me about being in command of the creative inner fire. Like the Strength card, it can rule us, or we can rule it. This Queen of Wands perhaps channels her inner Strength card, exuding control and confidence and inner capability. It’s a little too close to the Strength card for my comfort. I’m unsure about this card, but I feel that my opinion is skewed. I will come back to reflect on this more later.

Overall: use your inner creativity to guide you towards the life you want to create. Or something like that.

*I am working through every card without the use of the companion book, for my own knowledge and learning. These are my own thoughts on the cards, for any questions, always refer back to the creators own material. I will add to these as I move forward.

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