Ostara Tarot: Three of Coins


I love this rendition of the Three of Coins.

She appears to be sitting in some magical building in the midst of a pond. Her dress even appears like a pond frond. This picture reminds me of the Princess and the Toad.

A small toad, reading off of a paper is speaking to the girl, and she seems to be amused, and somewhat amazed by it all.

Honestly, when I saw this card, I was so amused by the idea of her frog helper, that I couldn’t get past it, into how this is representative of the Three of Pentacles. So, I peaked in the book. Because I was dying to know…did the frog help her build this masterpiece? Did she stumble upon his masterpiece?

According to the companion book, he is a teacher. That was the keyword I needed. I am running with this card being all about the frog’s masterpiece, and how she stumbled upon it, and how amazed she was by it and her desire to learn his ways. She is an apprentice, he grants her the wisdom so she can then take this learning, and create on her own. This is, in it’s own way, the skill of the master to student. The continuing on of generational arts, skills, trades. She is an initiate into the frog’s school of thought.

This type of learning, speaks to me on a different level. Nursing is like this. The wisdom is passed down, and you build this different level of mastery than most lay-people obtain. But, to be the girl, you have to take the world with a grain of salt; it’s not easy to learn from mentors or masters. It takes patience, and it takes fortitude. So, if I were to see this card again, it would speak to me largely about stepping forth into a learning journey. To allow for insight from mentors. Or to be a mentor. To allow yourself time to really learn the skill, and expect mistakes within it. This is only the beginning.

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